NFL Season Preview NFC East

Welcome to pelican punting part 1- The Preview for the NFC East Division.


  • Dallas Cowboys $2.85
  • NY Giants $3.25
  • Washington Redskins $3.40
  • Philadelphia Eagles $5.50

Under/Over regular season wins

  • Dallas 8.5 Under $1.74, Over $2.15
  • NY Giants Under 9 $1.87, Over $1.95
  • Eagles Over 7, $1.67, Under $2.25
  • Redskins Over 8, $1.83, Under $2.00

Gargy- I feel this is a tough division to pick a winner, the Cowboys have been very under-whelming in recent years, but I feel the NFC East is a very winnable division as there is no clear favourite. I am expecting a big year from Dez Bryant & Romo and I think the Cowboys defence will be better this year. The NFC east crosses into the AFC west (which apart from the Broncos looks fairly weak) and their intra-conference opponents will be the NFC North, which is a little tougher. I really like the $2.15 for 9 or more wins for the cowboys and the $2.85 to win the division. Shirt?

Shirt-The market has it right here for mine. The Cowboys are the NFL’s answer to the Carlton Football Club – perennial underachievers laced with talent. What they do have going for them is stability – unlike just about any other team with a record as mediocre as theirs, and contrary to the shoot first ask questions later approach of most NFL owners, Jerry Jones has kept the faith with Head Coach Jason Garrett, despite a win percentage just a tick over .500. Similarly, Tony Romo has failed to convert his obvious talent into wins. Could this year be the year? I dunno – but they are deserved division favourites – they have to come good, surely??

Gargy- I think the NY Giants even with two quality receivers and manning under the gun won’t be as good this year as they were last year and will be around 8 wins for the year. There is a still an injury cloud around JPP. I think they will finish behind the Cowboys and Redskins.

Shirt- I am an unabashed Tom Coughlin and Giants fan. I love Eli’s scatterbrained brilliance, his superb clock management and his ability to engineer the most remarkable come from behind victories (and I am happy to ignore the fact he often puts himself in that position in the first place). Eli has a fleet of quality receiver to throw too and they have some genuine superstars on defence in Jason Pierre Paul and Justin Tuck (who picked up a hamstring strain in the pre season game against the Colts last week). Problem I have with the Giants, as always, is that they are just so damned unpredictable – they missed the playoffs last year after failing to maintain their signature late season surge, and I would hate to have any cash riding on them throughout the year, particularly through their signature slumps and losses of winnable games. If they scrape into the playoffs, load up!

Gargy- The eagles to win 8 games at $2.25?  At face value it looks like a nice price, especially with Chip Kelly bringing in the ‘no huddle/fast tempo offence’. I assume Mike Vick starts for the eagles but their offence won’t be the problem- they will score plenty of points; I fear the defence will be a big problem. They have switched from 4-3 to a hybrid 3-4 and apart from a few new players, they have the same players and even though they have replaced their entire secondary, they had to- it was one of the worst in the NFL last year. No I think it will be a long year. I think 6-7 wins for the eagles at best, they will finish 4th. Take 7 or less wins at $2.25

Shirt-I am generally not sold on any first year NFL coach making the transition out of college football. It’s just such a different game. On top of that, they’ve moved on one of the best coaches in the game in Andy Reid. If Andy couldn’t get the best out of this hugely talented playing group, why will Chip? They have a great list, and maybe another year together will have worked wonders, but I am as dubious about their prospects this year as I am that Gargy wrote that 4-3 / 3-4 hybrid defence analysis himself. 

Gargy- Finally the Redskins. If RG3 stays fit they can compete for the division, but I think they over-achieved last year and will finish second behind the Cowboys with 8 or 9 wins. Maybe an outside chance of a wild card spot.

Shirt-So much pressure on RG3, who is only just back to full practice and is still wearing a brace. Plus you’ve got the dreaded second year syndrome to deal with – can the kid really keep up the level. There’s no doubt that the QB Class of 2012 was one of the most incredible groups to emerge under centre in a single year, but surely one of them must be on the way to a second year bust…and injured RG3 would be top of my list. On the other hand, their defence should be much improved this year with a number of key returns including Brian Orakpo. I am going to go out on a limb and say they will be a 9+ team this year, but it will be as much off the back of an improved D as it will be any RG3 heroics


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