NFL Season Preview NFC South

Part 2- The Preview for the NFC South Division.

Prices (Division winner)-

•   Atlanta Falcons $2.45

•   New Orleans Saints $2.45

•   Tampa Bay Bucs $6

•   Carolina Panthers $6.50

Under/Over regular Season wins

•   Atlanta Falcons 10 wins Under $1.62, Over $2.35

•   New Orleans Saints 9 wins Over $1.57, Under $2.45

•   Tampa Bay Bucs 7.5 wins Over $1.70, Under $2.20

•   Carolina Panthers 7 wins Over $1.54, Under $2.50

Gargy- Take your monthly rent or mortgage and place it on the Falcons to win this division, last year they won this division by 4 games and I expect them to do the same again this year. The NFC South has a very tough schedule playing against (in my opinion) the strongest division in all of football the NFC West and also the AFC North who isn’t too shabby either, but The Falcons will have too much fire power- Matt Ryan has great options to throw to- White/Gonzo and Jones, they have a solid ground game and good defence. I also like them to win 11 or more games at $2.35, Shirt are you with me and the Falcons?

Shirt- Every now and again I get the itch to get a bit fitter, and I go and buy something with this in mind.  It might be swimming goggles which stay in the drawer, a gym membership which I never use, or “Fitstar, featuring Tony Gonzalez” on the Ipad which I use once and then lose interest in.   I do think when you have time to make tablet based fitness apps in your off season, and you very publicly announced your intention to retire several times during the previous season, you might be at the end of your useful life as an NFL footballer – and he’s signed for 2 more years!   More power to you Tony, but hurry up and quit already.  I also think Matt Ryan is a douche.  I can’t explain it, but his lack of personality and tiny little head just grates on me.  As does the fact that Atlanta bills itself as the sporting capital of America primarily because they build big stadiums to poach events, and Coca Cola bought them the Olympics.  Having said all that, they win the division and win it easy don’t they?  As much as it hurts me to day so, yes, yes they do.

Gargy- The New Orleans Saints were ranked 32nd for defence in 2012 the only way is up right? Of course, however they have a long way to go. Getting Sean Peyton back after “bountygate” will obviously help, but I think 8 or 9 wins is just about right, Shirt?

Shirt- Why is it that every controversy since Nixon has to have the word “gate” in it before it gets taken seriously.  Bountygate for mine is one of the least deserving “gates” for many years.  The coach was incentivizing his defense to rough up the key player on the offensive side of the ball??  Someone call the FBI.  For a sport that is essentially about taking the biggest, strongest, fastest men in an entire nation and crashing them into each other at high speed, the NFL sure gets upset about some weird stuff.   We all know that this team has two things going for it – Drew Bree’s arm, and Drew Bree’s wife.  Without these two things, Drew would be an average size guy without a girlfriend, while the Saints would be a really bad defensive outfit without the ability to score any points.  Does Peyton fix the defense?  I dunno – but I would be laying them as division winners all day.

Gargy- Tampa Bay Bucs are an interesting team, any NFL fans knows one of the biggest off season stories was the signing of Revis from the Jets, he is a shut down corner and if he can get fit one of the best defensive players in the NFL. The Bucs also added Goldson from the 49’ers to give their secondary some much need help. It is a big year for QB Josh Freeman and I think he can get the Bucs 8-9 wins and they can finish second in this division. Get on 8 or more wins at the skinny odds of $1.70. Shirt are you a Bucs fan? Can they compete with the bigger boys?

Shirt- I’m not a fan of any team that glorifies the horrific and murderous criminality that is piracy.   There was a time when hoisting the jolly roger would have been enough to have you blown out of the water by Her Majesty’s fleet but alas, time’s change.  I have no love for Tampa Bay – no interest in visiting the city, no particular interest in watching the team.  They’re a chance to finish second here, but they seem to underachieve with shocking regularity, so they may equally drop a few easy games and finish 6-10.

Gargy- The final team in the NFC is the Carolina Panthers, how do you define them? Unpredictable. So much rests on QB Cam Newton and I wouldn’t back them to go over or under- save your money. They have a good defensive team and overall they are a very young team, but they lost a number of close games last year and I am not sure they will improve this year. If you can find a market bet on coach Rivera to be sacked sometime during or shortly after this years season. Shirt are you having a bet on the Panthers?

Shirt-  No touchy for mine Gargy.  I love Cam Newton as an athlete – in many ways he’d already done the hard work for the likes of RG3, Wilson and Kaep by waking up the fan base to the fact that a QB could be a game changer outside the pocket.  I think this year the Panthers will improve – they have a good young team, a quality QB and if they can work out how to win the close ones, they are a chance to cause a few teams some problems this year.  Would I bet on them to do so ?  Not even with your cash Gargy.


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