NFL Season Preview NFC West

Part 3- The Preview for the NFC West Division.

Prices- (Division Winner)

•   San Francisco 49’ers $2

•   Seattle Seahawks $2.10

•   St Louis Rams $8

•   Arizona Cardinals $$36

Under/Over regular Season wins

•   San Francisco 49’ers 11.5 Under $1.54, Over $2.50

•   Seattle Seahawks 10.5 wins Over $1.78, Under $2.05

•   St Louis Rams 7.5 wins Over $1.74, Under $2.10

•   Arizona Cardinals  5.5 wins Over $1.60, Under $2.35

Gargy- What a tough division to predict the winner; San Francisco and Seattle are obviously the two elite teams in this division, however I don’t think the Rams and Cardinals will be pushovers. The NFC crosses paths with the fairly average AFC South and the improved NFC South. I am not confident but I like the Seahawks to win this division, I just feel they have too many weapons for the niners. I am a little more confident that the Seahawks can get 11 wins for the year and given my previous statement I like the niners not to win 12 games at the skinny price of $1.54. I think both teams will be playing in the playoffs, just the Seahawks will top this division, your thoughts mate?

Shirt- It’s the f*cking twilight zone when we are talking about the NFC West as one of the toughest divisions in football, and not just in the sense that it’s tough to predict which of the spasticated easy beats is going to limp to the division title.   The NFC West sent a team to the playoffs in 2010/11 with a losing record FFS, and now they are universally feared.  What happen!  It’s too easy to say Seattle and San Fran will fight it out for the Division title” but it’s also true. I can’t see the Rams or the Cardinals causing either big issues.  The 49ers have improved year on year under Coach Harbaugh and it is scary to think that they may improve again.  Seattle have less upside for mine – I am still waiting for the Russell Wilson bubble to burst (I hope it doesn’t).  I have a soft spot for the Seahawks, but I think they are 2nd behind the rampaging 49ers here.

Gargy- Is this Sam Bradford’s time to shine? The jury is still out for mine, he has had a lot of chances. Tavon Austin- remember this name; he will light up defences and make Bradford look better than he is. I have the Rams finishes 3rd in this division and I think they will limp to an 8-8 record, so take the $1.74. Shirt you like them or not?

Shirt- Bradford is a quality QB, no doubt in my mind.  The Rams are also littered with talent after mining a few high draft picks over the last few lean years.  And they certainly have it in them to win the big games, ala their OT win over fierce rivals the 49ers last December.    The thing is, they lifted to a new level against the eventual Super Bowl runners up, with an OT draw and win in their two games last year – if they can maintain that level of intensity across their other 14 games, they are a massive threat.

Gargy- Finally the Cardinals- they are no chance of competing for this division but will win at least 6 games at $1.60. Shirt can the Honey Bagder stay out of trouble? Have the Cardinals finally found a QB? They have been searching since Kurt Warner, what is your take on them?

Shirt- Personally I think Carson Palmer is the worst excuse for a savior since David Koresh.  I could make a case that the Cardinals would have been better off keeping John “Have you seen my Baseball” Skelton, who funnily enough has joined Palmer’s original team, the Bengals over in Cincinnati.  Palmer was an absolute train wreck at the Raiders, and hasn’t been the same since his brilliant 2005 season ended tragically with a severe knee injury (leading to the creation of the “Carson Palmer Rule” for you trivia buffs out there) .  He left them on bad terms (really really bad – google it), lobbed at the Raiders for a couple of mediocre years before being traded away so they could play a guy who was beaten out of a starting job in Seattle by a 5’10” rookie.  He now finds himself at a team that managed to turn a 4-0 start into a 5-11 season in 2012 in an offence that he describes as “the most complicated I have ever worked in”…  Apparently the Cardinals have the lowest level of fan loyalty in the NFL.  Yet they still have Larry Fitzgerald.  Why is that guy still there?  Someone must have some seriously bad photos of that guy with a gerbil or something…  If I have the Rams as improvers, I have to have the Cards as suffering as a result – take the $2.35  – they ain’t coming out of the cellar.


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