NFL Season Preview AFC South

Part 6- The Preview for the AFC South Division.

Prices- (Division Winner)

•   Houston Texans $1.45

•   Indianapolis Colts $3.50

•   Tennessee Titans $8

•   Jacksonville Jags $36

Under/Over regular Season wins

•   Houston Texans 10 wins Over 1.80, Under $2.05

•   Indianapolis Colts 8.5 wins over $2.05, under $1.78

•   Tennessee Titans 6.5 wins Over $1.95, Under $1.87

•   Jacksonville Jags 5 wins Over $2.00, Under $1.82

Gargy- The Titans and Jags are dreadful (but more about them later) $1.45 is short but I believe there is only one team who will win this division, so take the $1.45. Whether the Texans can win 11 or more games at $1.80 is an entirely different proposition. The AFC South plays the NFC West and the AFC West who will be vastly improved, but they do have 4 games in the bank as the Titans and Jags are garbage, Their defense is excellent, they have great offence I am saying 11 or more wins at $1.80? Shirt are you with me?

Shirt-  I actually think this is the worst division in football.  Have I said that already in one of these previews?  No matter, this time for real!  Sure, the Texans are good.  So good in fact that they are making a mockery of the holy separation of Offence and Defense, and talking about playing JJ Watt on offence every now and again – just cause they can.  Schaubb is a serviceable, if not brilliant, franchise quarterback (think Joe Flacco before he won a superbowl and suddenly became the highest paid player in football – WTF) and they have weapons on both sides of the line.  They win the division (although I can see the Colts nipping at their heals).  Can they go all the way to the ‘bowl; I’m struggling to find a compelling reason why not.

Gargy- Andrew Luck was fantastic in his rookie year and I expect him and his young team to be solid again this year. I have them winning there 9+ games at $2.05 and getting themselves a wildcard spot. Shirt?

 Shirt- I like Andrew Luck.  He was a guest star along with a couple of other Colts on one of my favourite TV shows, Parks & Recreation, and by that measure alone, he’s alright by me.   The Colts did incredibly well last season to drag themselves out of last place, install a new QB in place of GOD and go 11-5.  This year they add Ahmad Bradshaw to the roster, giving Luck a real weapon in the backfield.  I think they win at least 10+ this year and will be taking the $2.05 on over 8.5 wins all day and I hope to see them push Texas for the Division – to quote Ron Swanson “cultivating a manly musk puts opponents on notice”

Gargy- The Tennessee Titans, shirt I have to be honest, I am not sure how popular our blog is in Tennessee and if any people from Tennessee read our blog, but I can only name 2 of their players on their roster; Locker- yet another under-achiever who “has to step up” and running back Chris Johnson- who was very underwhelming last year, and how did he prepare for this upcoming year? He raced (and beat a cheetah) in the off-season. No I have them on unders, Shirt?

Shirt- The best human vs animal race I have ever seen was on the groundbreaking TV special Man vs Beast 2.  It pitted a camel against a relay team of 4 midgets. I know what you are thinking – “That sounds awesome!” and “Is it on You Tube?” (“it is” is the answer to both questions).  It is quite possibly the greatest piece of sporting television ever made.  I haven’t seen the footage of Johnson vs Cheetah but there is no way it could be even in the same league as Midgets vs Camel.  And that’s pretty much how I feel about the Titans – I could think of a bunch of things I would rather watch than the Titans playing NFL, and I won’t be wasting any of my precious viewing time, or cash, on them this year or any other.  They are forgettable in every sense of the word.

Gargy- Jacksonville Jags will win 3 or 4 games this year as I believe they are the worst team in the NFL. Their choice of QB is Henne or Blaine Gabbart- seriously… Shirt you will laugh at me but they should have taken home town boy Tim Tebow. Given how sh!t they have been over the previous years, it has allowed them to draft some nice players, Luke Joeckel will be great, Blackmon is a good receiver, plus they do have some other good core players; MJD is a great running back, Posluszny is a great LB but that’s about it. They will have another very high draft pick in 2014, do they take Clowney or a QB? Shirt?

Shirt- If the Jags show you one thing, it’s that high draft picks a contender do not make.  They need a franchise QB, and if Henne and Gabbart could be fused into one person by some miracle of modern science, they still wouldn’t be that guy.  It’s sad to see so much talent wasted and I would feel for them and their owner, but for the fact that Shahid Khan is worth about $2.5bn and also owns Fulham Football Club and should know better.  Can’t see any particularly compelling reason why they will be better this year than last year, or any other for that matter.  Having said that – $2 for 5+ wins for a team that plays the Titans twice, plus the Bills, Chiefs, Cardinals (at home) and the Raiders and Browns.  They are not capable of making the playoffs by any stretch, but I think they are VALUE to go over 5.5


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