NFL Season Preview Summary


Gargy– Righto Shirt, we have previewed the divisions, we are under 24 hours before kick off for the season. So, I want your division winners and ultimate winner, here are my divisions winners-


West- Seahawks $2.10. 49’ers are also $2.10 and they are the only ones who can win- so there is money to be made there.

North- Packers- $1.70

South- Falcons- $2.50, tremendous value and if they lose at NO week 1, you will get an even better price

East- Dallas- $3 In Romo we trust, holy sh!t did I just write that?


West- Broncos $1.34, better than bank interest

North- Bengals, $2.70; Toughest division in NFL

South- Texans, $1.40

East- Patriots, a horrible $1.22, but again better than bank interest, so put the monthly mortgage and or rent on them

NFC Winner- Falcons

AFC Winner- Denver Broncos

Superbowl Winner- Manning to join little Bro with a second ring hit me Shirt-



West – 49ers.  I’d be laying the Seahawks at that price

North- Can’t go past the packers

South – Faaaalcons.  Though it pains me to say it.

East – Its an agree-athon. Cowboys to finally get their sht together.


West – Broncos first, then daylight

East – let’s be controversial and lay the Pats here.  Miami in a boilover!

North – ick.  The Bengals.  With no confidence.

South – Hard to see the Texans challenged here.

NFC winner – SF

AFC winner – Texans

SB champ – San Fran


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