Ball Bag #1 – The Pelican Punting Mailbag

Here at Pelican Punting, we’ve been inundated by messages of support from fans from around the world since starting up this humble little blog a few short weeks ago. We thought we’d share a handful of the more insightful and entertaining submissions with you each week. Feel free to write in to us (there’s a link somewhere over there —>) or leave a comment on one of the posts. We try our best to read and respond to every one;

Jose from Bogota, Colombia writes:

“Hola guys – as a new NFL fan and keen gambler, I am really enjoying the blog, and am learning more about the game every time I visit. A quick question – I watched the Floyd Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez fight and was very impressed that Canelo was able to go the distance with Mayweather, given his obvious physical disadvantage. Can you please tell me, are there any Gingers succeeding in the NFL, despite their condition?”

Great question Jose – yes Canelo got owned, but as you point out, just being there was a huge victory for him given how red his hair is. As a high functioning, low level ginger myself I am always pleased to see a fellow red knob succeeding against the odds in the sporting arena. The standout blood nut in the NFL (and the selections are thin on the ground) is of course Cincinnati QB Andy Dalton. You could make a case that he is in the top 60% of QB’s in the league at present which is pretty damn good for a fanta pants. On a side note, redheaded men in Australia are often called “Bluey” because their hair is red. That’s Australian humour for you.

Tony from Davidson, NSW emailed in “Nice work boys – just started a new job, but hope to have enough time to keep up with your blog for as long as it takes for Australia’s dodgy internet speeds to lead to its inevitable closure”. Thanks for your input Tony.  Dickhead.

And Frankie from New York City sent us this photo from his seat at Sunday’s Broncos v Giants game.

Not bad seats

Not bad seats

To which we reply, Frankie, you bastard.

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