Shirty’s Thursday Night Fever

Kansas City (h2h $2.35; line +3 $1.95) @ Philly (h2h $1.62; line -3 $1.87)

How good is Thursday Night Football!  What’s that?  I’ve changed my tune? Of course I have – I won money!  And you would have too if you’d followed my tip, but you didn’t did ya, and I bet it’s eating you up inside… Ok, enough schizophrenic one sided conversation with my invisible audience – to the football!

Tough one this week.  Last week, the Chiefs equaled their win total from 2012, moving to 2-0 in workmanlike fashion.  They are clearly a better team all over the park, and with self belief, they have engineered a huge turnaround.  As predicted. By me (and just about everyone). The Eagles meanwhile, after a promising start in week 1, got out-Eagled last week by the Chargers, with Phil Rivers stepping up the tempo and sending a “I’m not done message” to his critics (which, let’s face it, is…just about everyone).  Throw in the fact that the Eagles are up against a guy called Andy Reid, THEIR OLD COACH, and this game has “classic” written all over it.  Shame its Thursday night where most players will be a bit below their best on the quick backup.  Nice work Roger Goodell, you peanut.  Philly have the wood on the Chiefs in recent matches (but then, who doesn’t) so we have to discount history and look to recent form and the matchup.  How is this one going to play out? How is the KC D going to handle the up tempo Philly offense?  How will the Eagles handle playing their third game in 11 days?  How is it that Andy Reid’s mustache doesn’t have it’s own TV Show?  Stay glued to Thursday Night Football for the answer to all these questions and more.  To the bet – let’s assume that the Eagles will be a tad weary, that the Smith/Reid bandwagon still has its wheels on, and that I am riding high off my Jets pick last week and have $20 on KC to win by 7-12 @ $7.00.

A final bit of news, and punting advice before signing off – avid fans would have seen the news that the Browns dealt their sole offensive weapon, 2011 first round draft pick and running back Trent Richardson, to the Colts for a bunch of future picks.   A good trade for a whole bunch of reasons, as long as you are not a Browns fan with less than 12 months to live.  The Browns are in a rebuilding phase and will no doubt be on the hunt for a QB in the next draft, and will be a force to be reckoned with come 2015.  As for now?  Lay them, lay them, lay them.


4 comments on “Shirty’s Thursday Night Fever

  1. Query: does Andy Reid shave his moustache and regrow it for Movember?

    -guy who thinks Andy Reid shaves his moustache every year

  2. Not sure if Andy would ever shave off his mo, even for a worthy cause which cleverly takes over an entire month of the year. Little known fact about Andy’s moustache – it once beat Ram’s coach Jeff Fisher’s moustache in an illegal moustache fight, organised by…you guessed it, Michael Vick.

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