NFL Week 3- Monday Night Football.


Gargy- Ladies and Gentlemen for the rest of the season I am going to be Jon Gruden- Mr Monday Night and I have been given an ordinary game to preview; its the 1 and 2 Oakland Raiders at the 3 and 0 Denver Broncos. The Broncos are $1.08 and in any language that is horrendous value, but if a bank gave you an 8% interest rate for your term deposit, you would take it everyday of the week. For a slightly better return the half time/full time double is $1.16. Whilst my partner in crime thinks I don’t have any balls, I am a grinder and I will end up beating him this year- so folks stick with me.

This match is a tough one to line up, the broncos will win- but by how much? The Raiders were tipped by most good judges (plus Shirt and I) to run last, but they were only just beaten by the Colts in week 1 and then last week they flogged the worst team in the league the Jaguars.  The QB (Terelle Pryor) who I bagged before week 1 has been great; and whilst not in the same class as Colin Kaepernick/ Russell Wilson, Pryor does offer a great running option.

The Broncos have started the season so well, Peyton Manning has thrown 9 TD’s and no INT’s and they have racked up over 40 points in both games. Manning will be without one of his offensive line men who keep him safe (Ryan Clady) but that wont stop the Broncos. The line is set at 14.5 and I don’t like that much, so instead I will hop on the over 48.5 option at $1.91 with my remaining $30 this week


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