NFL Rewind- Week 3

What we learned in Week 3

Shirt – The higher you climb, the harder you fall.  After two fantastic Thursday night wins, and some solid weekend picks as well, my punting suffered what I believe a statistician would refer to as “mean reversion” this week.  Kaep and the 49ers were horrible, and he fell well short of the “over 250 yards”, even with plenty of junk time passing in there – the 49ers have gone from contenders to almost-pretenders in the space of a couple of weeks.  They need to turn around fast.  Meanwhile, Adrian Petersen is producing the numbers of a good back rather than the greatest back in history (as predicted) and the Vikings defence, which was really the platform of their playoff run last year, is a shadow if its former self – it was the first time in almost a year that the Browns had scored more than 30 points and the first time in god knows when to do it away from home.  And if we want to see the ultimate example of falling from a height (and hitting a few things on the way down) – ladies and gentlemen, I give you the New York Giants.  And that’s all there is to say about that.

Gargy- The season is only 3 games in, but the Titans are much better than we first thought, The Dolphins appear to be a lot better than we thought, the Jags and Bucs are probably the bottom two teams in the league and if anyone has seen Adrian Peterson, can they ask him to turn up and play for the Vikings. So far this season 68 rushes for 203 yards.

Shirt – I owe Jay Cutler an apology.  I’m still not a massive fan of the guy, but the hit he took on a scramble for a first down in the Steelers game on Monday night showed he is one tough hombre.  Instead of taking a slide (and risking being short of the first down) he dropped his (throwing) shoulder into the oncoming defender and took a very solid hit, picking up the first down in the process.  In an era where quarterbacks are more protected than an American’s right to carry an assault rifle in a public place, it is refreshing to see one willingly looking for contact.  Respect 

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good – The Seahawks, The Dolphins (get that Division Title you Dolphins!) 

The Bad – The previous administration of the Browns (the Browns have traded and benched, respectively, their two first round picks from 2012)

The Ugly – the New York Giants, the entire NFC East


One comment on “NFL Rewind- Week 3

  1. assault rifles! mean reversion? what is this guy, a prop trader?

    kaepernick got lazy holding the ball like a loaf of bread and everyone scouted it. it cost the Niners dearly. i leave you with a haiku:

    Haiku: Winning & Losing
    Giants fans become
    accustomed to winning games
    Jets fans to losing

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