Ball Bag #3 – The Pelican Punting Mailbag

Is this thing on?  Phew, I thought with the US going completely insane and shutting down most of their government departments, they might have shut down the internet.  Seriously, how screwed up is that country?  Now that Breaking Bad is finished, your international relevancy hinges solely on a game that you play outside the country twice a year!   Jokes guys – I know you are reading this – all in good fun.  No need to send a drone.  We’re all good…

Our first letter comes from Teddy from Texas, currently living in Washington;

Hello Australia and God Bless!  So glad I’ve found your little blog – I’ve been super busy lately standing up against the tyrrany of affordable health care speaking for 21 hours straight, even though no one was listening (but you know how that feels, right boys!) and generally disrupting the functioning of the world’s largest economy.  Plus my cat, Ayn, just had kittens.  So, as you can imagine, not a lot of time for watchin’ the big games, but plenty of time for cruzin the net.  Your tips have been great and your analysis spot on, and given you’re from the country that gave us Hitler, I figure you must be alright!  Keep up the good work, and come visit us when you get the chance – if you wait a couple more years and all goes to plan, coming over here will be as good as a trip back in time!


Trilby from Kangaroo Island tweeted in

Sooo many bizr names in da NFL.  Wot’s da wyrdist 4 u?? #pointlesshashtag

Ah twitter, you have so much to answer for.  I think the question had something to do with names – and granted Trilby, there are plenty of strange ones, particularly for us Aussies – in Australia, every bloke is called “Bruce” and every sheila, well, “Sheila”.  

As a result we find most of your names hillarious – all the “La’s” – “LaDarius ” “LaBrandon” “LaDainian” or the distinctly trailer park “Blaine” or “Chase”.  But out on the fringes, it gets even stranger – Craphonso Ja’Won Thorpe was a previous favourite, but sadly no longer plays in the NFL – he last played for the Titans in 2009.  D’Brickshaw Ferguson of the NY Jets still prompts a “WTF” but my personal favourite is 2013 draft pick and Cleveland Brown, Barkevious Mingo.  We can only hope his brother Hughtavious has a chance to join him in the big leagues in the coming years.

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One comment on “Ball Bag #3 – The Pelican Punting Mailbag

  1. Love the Austria/Australia mix up. Who does it better than us Yankees???

    Haiku: Yankees
    USA, land of
    healthcare exchanges, but we
    failed geography

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