NFL Week 5 – Best Bets

Gargy- Bad luck on the TNF game shirt. Right its time to open the shoulders (slightly) so here are my best 3 for the weekend. Giants vs Eagles- over 52.5 $1.91 neither team can play defence and to be frank the Giants offense has been dreadful, but I am confident the shithouse Eagles defence will help Eli Manning get back into the groove. Watch out for Victor Cruz to salsa his way the the end zone a couple of times.

The other 2 bets are fairly self-explanatory; Broncos at Cowboys. I think Romo and Co will be competitive but will not get the W and finally the third leg I like is The Chiefs +3.5 @ $1.45. My 3 legger at $60 should return $219 much needed dollars. So there you go shirt, don’t say I am a pussy. What do you like my man?

Shirt – Tough gig previewing Thursday night football Gargy.  In ordinary circumstances, I wouldn’t touch a Bills v Browns game with a 10 foot pole, but, like a good mate tasked with wing man duty, I had to take one for the team.  And don’t be fooled by the margin, the Browns are still an ugly team – they had a TD from a punt return and another from an interception – and the Bills were woeful.  They’ve also gone back to Brandon Weedon, so expect the fat chick that is Cleveland to be back looking at her iphone and buying her own drinks shortly.

I don’t mind the Giants v Eagles overs bet – I reckon it will be a bit of a shoot out, and after finally getting around to watching the ESPN Doco “The Book of Manning” last night, a Manning can do no wrong as far as I am concerned.  Do yourself a favour and watch it if you can.  In the meantime check out this video of Archie Manning (Eli and Peyton’s dad) being interviewed by a member of another famous dynasty

After a humiliating loss on Thursday and a poor showing in weekend games the last few weeks, I should probably be pulling my head in a bit and going for the short yardages ala Alex Smith.  Instead I think I’ll toss up a hail mary, because Alex Smith is a boring mofo.  I really like the Fins -2.5 at home this week against the Ravens – they weren’t embarrassed by any means against the Pats last week, and they are giving away less than a field goal start at home to the patchy Ravens.  Snap that up.  I also really like the Saints to pick apart the Bears.  Bears are at home, but I don’t think it will be enough to overcome a rampaging Drew Brees and Co.  Saints +1 in that game. Finally I’m ready to return to my early season plan of putting the boots in the Cardinals.  They are up against the Panthers this week, who are much better than their 1-2 record suggests.  Panthers come off the bye, which followed a 38 zip shutout of the Giants.  The Cards meanwhile managed to scrape home against the Bucs last week (who are horrible) after getting destroyed by the Saints the week before.  So, the bet is $50 on Saints +1, Miami -2.5, Panthers -1 for a return of $348.40

And Gargy, you’re not a pussy, but sometimes I do feel like I’m high vis braces guy to your road crossing sloth;

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One comment on “NFL Week 5 – Best Bets

  1. Gargs- agreed on all of the above, the NY Football Giants will win, even if by default. Cant take the ‘Boys (or anyone for that matter) over Denver. KC is hot right now.

    And i leave Shirty with a haiku:

    Haiku: Manning Bros.
    Manning, Manning, can
    do no wrong; except Eli,
    public drunkenness

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