NFL Rewind- Week 5

Week 5 what we learned

Gargy– Sorry folks, no MNF preview but I think we saved some cash, as I would have had the Falcons beating the Jets. I watched a fair bit of the game and say what you want about Rex Ryan and the Jets; but their defence was excellent, especially their ability to stop the run.  Geno was great- so give it up for the NY Jets.

Gargy- Can anyone name 2 more disappointing teams thus far than the Texans and Falcons.? The Falcons are now 4 wins behind division rivals the Saints and don’t look anything like the team from season 2012. Matt Ryan still looks great, however he has really only has 1 target- big Gonzo who is an absolute beast. The O-line looks poor and the defensive line could be better, however the biggest factor for the Falcons- is no running back. This is a big concern for them. My other big disappointment is the Texans. Shirt can you blame Schuab for everything? The dude has thrown a pick 6 4 times on the trot.

Shirt- Here’s a couple of interesting Pick 6 facts.  Prior to throwing one against the 49ers, he had thrown one in three consecutive games, a record he shared with the likes of Peyton Manning and John Elway.  People are now saying “well, he has the record to himself” after throwing 4 in 4, except that Peyton actually threw 4 in 2 games one year, so on one view, he is still no worse than the best QB of the modern era.  My own personal view is the focus on pick 6’s is totally overrated – whether an interception is turned over for a touchdown is less relevant than whether he throws an interception in the first place, and the circumstances around it.  So while 4 pick sixes looks bad as a stat, 4 regular interceptions could be just as bad, depending on field position, scoreline, ease of throw etc.   Unfortunately for Schuab he’s throwing up garbage to go with his bad luck and probably deserves to be picked off for scores.  It is painful to watch, particularly for someone who had them as comfortable division winners and potential super bowl contenders.   Bzzzt.  And speaking of Bzzzt – it would appear that…the…Cardinals…are….not…that…bad.  There I said it.  Bravo Carson Palmer.  Bravo.


Gargy– Finally… Tony Romo. I am not going to blame him, he is so much fun to watch. He threw for over 500 yards and 5 x TD’s who cares if he threw and INT in the 4th quarter, I know Manning is good but how about the Cowboys get a few more stops.


Shirt- No way that loss was Romo’s fault.  The guy put up some incredible numbers and did all he could to win the game.  The fact his defence couldn’t support him enough such that the game turned on one small error is shameful.  I feel for the guy, but sweet baby Jesus, what do you have to do to beat Peyton Manning??   Speaking of Peyton, the Colts seem to be doing a-ok without him.  I was a big fan of Luck when he was at Stanford, and it’s hard not to like the guy.  The news out of Indy this morning is that running back Ahmad Bradshaw will face season ending neck surgery, so their mid season Richardson trade is looking even cleverer now – he’s yet to be great for them, but they will at least have a solid option in the back field.


The good, the Bad the Ugly

The Good- Andrew Luck, Geno Smith

The Bad- Shirty’s division winner picks (Texans, Falcons to name 2), the Carolina Panthers; Shirty’s recent punting form

The Ugly- The Giants. The Jags are sh!t everyone knows and expects that, the Giants are staring down the barrel of their worst finish in a very long time


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