Thursday Night Football – Week 6

Thursday Night’s a great night for football.  Except that it isn’t .  I am busy so I will be brief (note I still bothered to post)…

Giants – 0-5 for the first time since 1987, staring down the barrell of 0-6 for the first time in (my) living memory.  Bears have dropped two games in a row and slipped to 3-2.  It’s hard to see what will turn the Giants around, unless Eli suddenly stops throwing interceptions , but that’s the thing about the Giants, they, possibly more than any other team in the comp, have the ability to go from truly awful to awe inspiring from one week to the next.

So, I’m in a quandry as to what to do with this game, and I am going to take on something of a bizarre bet as a result .  This is an option on Centrebet – not sure about other sites – Second Half to be the Highest Scoring Half.   $50 @ 1.95.  Weird huh.
See you next time and happy punting.


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3 comments on “Thursday Night Football – Week 6

  1. The Giants are 5-0? Do you guys reverse the W/L column down there???

    Agreed on the turnaround though- year after year, they seem to go on a 5 game skid, followed by a 6 game streak, and then another skid.

  2. Nice pick up Chairman – if I were to delete your comment our other 2 readers would be never the wiser that I reversed the w/l column in the original version of the post…

    Giants will have to wait another week for a chance to arrest what is on track to be their worst ever season. At least they looked vaguely like a football team this week. Unfortunately all the points came in the first half, so my half arsed (yes that is how we spell arse down here) bet got what it deserved. Shirt.

  3. For those of us that remember the mid-90s, the Dave Brown / Kent Graham era, it was tough. Particular because it was preceded by the Simms/Hostetler era, and proceeded by the Collins/Warner/Manning era. Though the Manning era is starting to look like a Manning error.

    Go Giants.

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