NFL Week 6- Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football- Week 6

(Colts $1.77, Chargers $2.10, (+2 $1.91) Over/Under 49.5)


Gargy- Righto folks, stick with us- the weekend was an absolute wipeout with the shithouse Texans crushing my main bet, plus the Pelicans weekly multi, while my good mate Shirt paid the price for betting against Tom Brady,  so MNF sees the Colts head west to the Chargers.

I think the match will be close as I feel the Colts will have one eye on next weeks game when Peyton returns home for the first time and the Chargers will lift for the big national game, plus it will be a low scoring affair. Shirty’s boy Phillip Rivers has been pretty good this year and whilst he was ordinary against Oakland last week, if you wipe that game- his season has been good and he has put up great numbers. Luck has showed why he was #1 in the draft two years back, beating the Seahawks last week- he has a nice group of receivers to throw to, Richardson to pound the ground game and their defence is solid. Therefore I am taking the Colts win/Under 49.5 @$3.65 x $40.


4 comments on “NFL Week 6- Monday Night Football

  1. Its ok Shirty, i was thinking New Orleans wouldve pulled the upset. Until that last minute of the game…

    Speaking of the Chargers- Phil Rivers / Shawn Merriman trade in 2004 for Eli Manning… nah still a good trade for the Giants.

  2. What a year for QBs that was – Rivers, Manning, Big Ben and of course the great JP Losman, all first round picks. Eli would have been taken by San Diego with the first pick, but refused to sign for them. Apparently he thinks that East Coast girls are hip and he really digs the styles they wear. California Girls on the other hand, he has no time for… No time at all.

    • Well played. Especially because im right in the middle of David Lee Roth’s biography.

      He wrote that song right???

  3. Correct Chairman. And Ronan Keating wrote “Father & Son”, Madonna wrote “American Pie” and Avril Lavigne penned the original and fresh “Imagine”

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