Gargy– Hey guys remember us? Well after a great start and a mid-season slump we gave our blog a bit of a break, but on the eve of the play offs I thought we would look back at this year and make a couple of play off predictions. The Pelican Punters club has earned our money back but it hasn’t been a great year. If you followed my division winners you would be slightly in front as I got 5/8, where as my good mate Shirt only managed 3/8 as he put a bit too much faith in the useless Dolphins. Neither of us saw the Falcons and Texan falling so far.


So this weekend- Wildcard weekend

Chiefs at Colts $1.91 each

A very tough start for the play offs; these teams met a few weeks back and the colts hammered the Chiefs and whilst I feel this game will be a lot closer I am taking the home team. I don’t like either of these teams’ chances next week; as the winner goes to the Patriots, but for this one- take Andrew Luck and his boys to win this one. I know Shirt likes the Colts with a small start and I think that is a smart bet in the event of a really close game.


Saints $2.13 @ Eagles $1.67 (-2.5)

The Saints are tremendous value @$2.13. Lots of people will show stats where they don’t play well away from home and in games in the outdoors, its true they prefer playing in domes and games in the big easy, but they are a good team. My Eagles offence is awesome; Nick Foles and Shady McCoy have been killing it, however their defence is bad. Last week they couldn’t contain Jason Witten, how on earth will they stop Jimmy Graham? The best news for Philly is the fact the Saints defence sucks also. It’s a no bet game for mine. Bet on Shady McCoy to rush for over 115 yards.


Chargers $3.20 @ Bengals $1.36(-7.5)

I will be in the minority whereby I think the Chargers are the best outsiders this weekend, as Andy Dalton has never won a play off game for the Bengals and they haven’t won a play off game for nearly 20 years. Their defence is excellent but I feel their attack can be hit and miss. In week 13 the Bengals beat the chargers at home and they kept Rivers quiet, but I reckon the Bengals will choke this weekend. Shirty predicted that Phillip Rivers would have a good year and he has been awesome. I feel he is due for a really bad games where he throws multiple picks, I just hope it’s not this game. For this one I am on the Chargers with the start and in the event of full disclosure I have had a sneaky $20 on the chargers to win the superbowl @$34.


49ers $1.67 @ Packers $2.20

The games of the week and before I tell you how to lose more money, what about the fans who will attend this game? It is going to be minus 25 degrees Celsius, that’s right MINUS 25 or minus 13 Fahrenheit if you are reading this from the USA. Wow….

I really like the niners and I think they can win this game. They have an excellent front 7 in defence, a great set of healthy receivers, Colin Kap is starting to look good again and they have Frank Gore to smash the ball when required. I know its risky betting against Aaron Rodgers but its his second game in about 2 months and last week the Bears made him look much better than he actually was.

I will hassle my partner in crime to put together a few of his witty comments before now and the superbowl. 



  1. cant get enough gargy & shirt… though this one was all gargs. thanks for returning. need my fix of offenCe and defenCe. does it get any better?

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