NFL Mock Draft Ver 2.0

Gargy- Given version 1.0 was such a big hit, I thought I would revise- and so here we have Mock draft v 2.0

#1 Texans – Jadeveon Clowney DE. Previously I had the Texans taking Bortles, now I cant see it happening. They are not giving up Clowney, they could draft McCarron or maybe even Carr if they drop to 33. But in summary the Texans are not letting him go.

#2 Falcons (Rams) Khalil Mack DE- Previously I had Mack at 6 with the Falcons, I think they simply trade up and get the next best pass rusher, as he doesn’t get to 6, I dont think he gets past 3 in the event the Rams cant find a trade partner.

#3 Jags Sammy Watkins WR. He is the best receiver in the draft and while they could use a QB,they cant pass on Watkins.

#4 Browns Jonny Football QB. He is the best QB in the draft, the Browns need a QB badly and they will draft Manzel.

#5 Raiders Jake Mathews OT I don’t think the difference between Mathews and Robinson is much, I am leaning towards Mathews, although a trade down wouldn’t surprise, but with the 4 above players gone, I am not sure which team will want to trade up.

#6 Rams- Greg Robinson OT, if the Raiders take Robinson, lock in Mathews

#7 Tampa Mike Evans WR. No change-Another great WR who is big, fast with good hands. Josh McCown needs a good target to throw to, Mike Evans is that guy

#8 Vikings Blake Bortles QB, Previously I had Bridgewater and I have previously let you know I am not sold on Teddy B. Bortles is a great passer, a big QB and he will compete vs the ordinary Christian Ponder at the Vikings training camp.

#9 Bills Eric Ebron TE. 6-4 250 pounds, who is fast and a good blocker, he is the best TE in the draftPreviously Greg Robinson.

#10 Lions Ha Ha Clinton Dix S. The lions too would love Mike Evans (or Watkins) and may even try and trade up to make a play to give Megatron a partner in crime at wide receiver but that would be crazy, stupid in fact. They need a safety and Ha Ha and Calvin Pryor are both upgrades to their 2013 line up, they should take Clinton Dix.

#11 Titans Anthony Barr OLB. Barr has been touted a great OLB who is capable of rushing the passer. I have watched a few snippets and personally I don’t see it, I think there are better pass rushers in the draft, but they got him in for a workout and they do need help- so they will pick him.

#12 Giants Zach Martin G Previously had Ebron, but the G Men have to keep Manning healthy, he got hit way too many times last year

#13 Rams Justin Gilbert. CB No change- They need a CB and a S, Gilbert is a good CB who is physical and will fit in with them nicely.

#14 (Dolphins) Taylor Lewan OT. Trade up. There is 4 offensive tackles who will go in round 1 and I think the Dolphins really wanted Martin, when they see him off the board and only Lewan remaining-they will no option other than to trade up.

#15 Steelers Darqueze Dennard CB. No change- the Steelers need upgrades at several positions and CB is one of those areas.

#16 Cowboys CJ Mosely LB, No Change- can defend the pass, plus rush is generally a valuable player, the cowboys will be rapt is still on the board at 16

#17 Ravens Calvin Pryor S, No Change.Pryor is a banger and the Ravens safeties need an upgrade; the top two safeties are the clear picks above the rest and I think they will both go fairly quickly

#18 Jets Odell Beckham, previously Brandon Cooks WR. The Jets need a Wide receiver and Beckham in my opinion is the 3rd best WR in the draft. The Jets need a WR, given that they will probably draft a running back..LOL

19# Bears Aaron Donald DT. No change  The bears need a CB and a S, however good defences start up front and they will nab Donald, who is a good defensive Tackle. I think they will be able to grab the defensive backs in later rounds as there appears to be lots of options.

Only doing the top 19, finally here are a few things that will happen in the draft-

–       Pats Trade back- they always do

–       Clowney goes #1

–       Mack goes #2

–       Jonny Football will be the first QB and I really think he lands at the browns

–       Watkins is the first WR taken (wow what a scoop you say) Evans 2nd Beckham goes 3rd

–       3 QB’s go in the 1st round

–       Unless the Jets have a brain fade, no Running backs go in round 1

–       7 WR’s go in the first round


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