Can I get a Whoop Whoop!

Guess what guys?? We’re back!! Pelican Punting 2014 – Bigger and Better than ever! Which is to say, we’re exactly the same, with slightly fewer followers and slightly more likely than not to disappoint on last year’s efforts – we are the New York Jets of NFL Blogging!

For those who didn’t follow us last year and may have randomly stumbled across our blog whilst searching for information about the nesting habits of Pelecanus Onocrotalus, we are a couple of guys who love betting and love the NFL; Shirty, a belligerent pessimist prone to random, poorly thought through outbursts against just about anything, and Gargy, a smurf chasing eternal optimist who hasn’t let his terrible NFL punting record deter him from creating a blog dedicated to NFL punting.

We have been in a punters club together for over a decade, betting on anything (no literally, anything), but we found that the only sporting knowledge we had which was vaguely ahead of most of our fellow Australians was in the NFL, so we decided to share our knowledge and insights through a blog read by as many as 6 people. AS well as haphazardly blogging, we have run an NFL punters club with a few mates for 3 years and have collected every year (even Jacksonville manages to win a few each season).

In the lead up to kick off of the official NFL Season (pre-season games got underway this weekend for those following along at home) we will be doing a couple of things;

1. Shirty is going to provide a “Guide to Picking which NFL Team to Support” just as soon as he figures out a catchier name for it. This should prove invaluable for all of you out there who want to take their NFL interest to the next level, but who don’t know how to tell a Viking from a Buccaneer; think a Buffallo BIll is a delicious icy treat with a bubblegum nose; or worry that googling 49’er might get them fired.

2. We’ll also give you a bit of an insight into some of the key things to know about the NFL if you are going to be anything more than a casual supporter. Mostly, this will involve small, easily remembered lines that you can trot out at parties to give people the impression you know what you are talking about, but which have little or no actual meaning (e.g. “The problem with Tony Romo is that he is Tony Romo”)

3. Finally, we are also going to do our yearly break down of the 8 divisions, make a few predictions and hopefully help our cadre of dedicated readers make a little money, or at least provide you with ammunition to abuse us in the comments section (seriously, we would welcome whatever you’ve got – we are very much of the “any feedback is good feedback” school of blogging).

As always, Gargy will do the stats and figures and provide some proper and thoughtful analysis, while Shirty will provide the razor sharp wit and brevity that will generally be light on substance or usable tips (we will leave it to you to figure out who wrote this intro).

So lace up your shoulder pads, pull on your uniform, buckle your helmet , making sure your face guard complies with regulations, insert your orthodontically fitted mouthguard….and let’s play some football!


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