NFC West – Division Preview

NFC West Winner  (Over/Under season wins).

Odds as per Centrebet @ 29 August

Seattle Seahawks $1.77 (11 games – Over $1.91/Under $1.91)

San Francisco 49ers $2.70 (10.5 games – Under $1.71/Over $2.15)

Arizona Cardinals $8.50 (7.5 games – Under $1.65/Over $2.25)

St Louis Rams $15.00 (Odds suspended by Centrebet)

Gargy: Here it is, the best division in football. Last year the Cardinals finished 10-6 and missed the play off and this year I predict this division will be the best in the NFL. The Seahawks will win this division but it wont be easy; their offence will be as good as last year and their defence with Thomas, Sherman and Chancellor will be great again. 11 games in this division is hard to see, so I would err on the side of caution and not bet on the Seahawks for overs/unders instead take the $2.10 for winning he division (Shirt – now into $1.77)

I think the 49 ers will be there or there abouts in November/December however I do predict they will start slow as they will be without Aldon Smith and Navaro Bowman who are the best in the business. I reckon they win 10 games and grab a wild card spot.

The Cardinals were very good last year, however I cannot see them repeating their 2013 form, I reckon the bookies have it about right, and can see them sneaking 8 wins making the overs bet reasonable value.

Finally the Rams, I was going to make a big and outlandish statement that they would make a deep run, but then Sam Bradford blows his knee, is gone for the season and now they are looking for a new QB. I reckon they can go over the 8 wins. Now Shirt before I bore you to tears I want to tell you what the Rams got for the trade with the Redskins for RG3- In 2012 Brockers a solid player, in 2012 Janorious Jenkins and Alec Ogltree- 2 solid players and then in 2014 Greg Robinson who will play NFL for 10+ years and be excellent and RB Zach Stacy. Shirt is that stealing or what? Who is your pick big guy?

Shirt – The best division in football?  I don’t know what you are smoking big guy, but I want some.  Yes, the 49ers and Seahawks were standouts last year, and yes, I think they will be standouts again.  They will be neck and neck for the Division title and could both conceivably win 11+ games each.   The Cardinals over achieved last year and let’s face it, still have Carson Palmer at QB.  They may scrape together 8 wins, but I won’t be backing them to do it.  The Rams have Shaun Hill starting at QB, who once led the NFL Europe in passing yards when playing for the Amsterdam Admirals.  And he played for the 49ers when they were really bad back in the late 2000’s.  Apparently he is known as one of the “better back up QB’s in the league” which you could also read as meaning he is not a starting QB’s arsehole.  I am sure he is a lovely guy but man, the Rams are in barney rubble yet again.  No touchy.

Chase a bit of value and take the 49ers +10.5 off the back of a huuuuuge year from Kap.



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