Gargy’s Ante Post Bets 2014

G’day guys, my mate Shirty challenged me to release my best bets for the NFL for season 2014. So here goes; I too bet with Sportsbet and there is a very good reason- PYOL (or pick your own start) I would love to know if the hundred of followers we have from Canada, Mexico and the USA are familiar with this concept, I tell you why it is important- last year 50% of all matches were decided by 7 points of less, 23% of all matches were decided by fewer than 3 points, therefore if the line as an example is 5.5 points, chew off the additional points and give yourself a bigger window to collect. It may cost you 30-40 cents but take the +7.5 or the +3.5, never ever back your team with a +2.5 start, make it 3.5.

I think the Chargers can have a good year but they are not beating the Broncos, so folks where Shirty and I differ- $7 is value, but its not value if it doesn’t collect, I like collecting cash.

I am really warming to the Colts, $11 to win the AFC is a really good bet, they are $23 to win superbowl. I am going to chuck $20 on each.

Given that the NFC is loaded with talent Seattle, Packers, Saints, Bears, Eagles to name a few- there is money to be made in the AFC. The Broncos/Pats/Colts are the 3 standouts and you combine them and you get you $2.67 and that will do me for $50.

I too have selected a few under/overs for you

49ers under 10.5 wins.

The Saints to win 11 matches (10 is a push) @ $1.87.

The Colts to win 10 games @$ 1.91


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