Shirty’s Ante Post Bets of 2014

Well folks, here they are, my season bets for 2014/2015.  Gargy will (hopefully) post his shortly, and we will then both be back on Thursday with our Best Bets feature for Week 1.

I have found that some sports books (centrebet, I’m looking at you) don’t allow a parlay involving Divisional winners.  I can understand why you wouldn’t allow multis for combinations of under/over bets, but taking it to Divisional and Conference level is a bridge too far for me.  So I got on with Sportsbet instead, who do offer this feature.

I have anchored most of my bets with the Chargers – I am into them in a big way and think they represent superb value at the $7 mark for the divisional title.  I’ve therefore had the following bets;

1. AFC West (Chargers) into NFC East  (Giants): $10 to return $350

2. AFC West (Chargers) into AFC South (Texans): $10 to return $262.50

3. AFC Winner – San Diego Chargers:  $20 to return $300

4. AFC Winner (Chargers) into NFC Winner (Packers): $10 to return $975

Astute observers will note that the Chargers do not play the Packers, Giants or Texans all year, so no bets are self defeating.

I have then taken a few over/under bets which I think represent the best VALUE;

1. Dolphins over 8 Wins – $50 to return $117.50

2. Falcons over 8.5 Wins – $50 to return $117.50

3. Chiefs under 8.5 Wins – $50 to return $75

4. Chargers over 8 Wins – $50 to return $80




Let’s hope my faith in these guys is not misplaced!


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