Shirty’s Weekly Winners – Week 1

Well, avid readers, the countdown is on.  Kickoff to the 2014 NFL Season is a mere 48 hours away (assuming I have that time conversion right…) and, as I assume the kids say these days, this shit’s about to get real.  As I will be engaged for the next two days in a riveting and mind expanding work conference, I thought I would jump in and get my weekly best bets out of the way, beating a path through the punting wilderness that my esteemed colleague can then use to navigate his way out of the jungle, unscathed.  This year, we will each be playing with $50 and we will try and keep a better track of our bank so that you can see how much more than Gargy I am returning.

With news breaking overnight that Jim Isray, owner of the Colts, has been suspended by the League for 6 weeks and fined $500,000 for a DUI incident that occurred in March, after testing positive to prescription opiates, it’s tempting to get into a whole thing about the bizarre state of a sport that; punishes it’s owners more than it’s players (the owners apparently accept this and consider themselves happy to be held to a higher standard than players, which I guess is laudable), or to wonder how the league can justify coming down harder on recreational drug users and sufferers of addiction than it does on users of performance enhancing drugs or purveyors of domestic violence, or to try and tease out some betting advantage from the incident (I think there is none – the Colts shouldn’t care if Isray is there or not).  But ultimately this is just a sad story about a very rich man with an addiction problem and poor judgement, who is hopefully on the path to getting better.

And in case you were wondering who Jim Isray was;


No, wait a second, that’s Eddie Izzard… Ah, here we go;


One thing that does shock me is that it was Jim Isray that got busted, and not the guy who owns the worst team in the league, has installed swimming pools in his stadium, and looks like this;


“Why yes I do look like Ron Jeremy, and no, I’m not indicating how big I like my sandwiches”

Onto the bets!

After talking up the Chargers in my last post, and warming up to them more by the day, it would be remiss of me not to sink my teeth into them in week one, particularly since the bookies have handed us a big, juicy, Charger filled burrito by installing them as 3 point underdogs @ Arizona (which is currently at $1.95 – get on!!).  

I’m also a big fan of the Bears at home to the hapless Bills (line is at -7) and I like the Texans to get their season off to a solid start hosting the Redskins (-2.5 is into $1.83).  I am going to take Gargy’s advice and make us a little PYOL action in my multi just to be on the safeside.

So the bets are;

Chargers to win – $20 to return $47.60

Texans (-2.5) into Bears (-5.5) – $20 to return $63.68

Texans (-2.5) into Bears (-7) into Chargers (+3) – $10 to return $68.16

Gargy will be on shortly to add his thoughts, and providing the Chargers don’t get thumped and Phil Rivers doesn’t end up with a season ending injury over the course of the weekend, I’ll be back next week to dissect the weekend and post pictures of me counting my cash.


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