NFL week 2- Gargy’s Bets

Gargy- Hello again guys, I hope you all followed my week 1 selections, as I was very close to a perfect week and if bloody Romo didn’t throw 3 picks the overs would have collected. Week 2 is upon us and my advice to everyone is stick solid, who did you circle to win the divisions that lost? Who did you think would be terrible this year, however won in week 1?- who cares.. do not panic stay solid.

Now this week there are a few team who you can back as favourites straight out head to head, starting with –

  • The Packers. They got hammered week 1 but they were playing the Seahawks, this week they are at home to the Jets, who we did select and cash last week, but that was simply because the Raiders are even worse. $1.23 head to head, the line is 8 which does make feel a tad nervous, as I hate line over 2 scoring plays. Maybe a play in between and pick your own start, or if you are looking for a banker in your multiples have them head to head
  • The Saints. The Falcons and Matt Ryan were better than I thought they would be and to be honest the Saints defence was bad, you score 30 odd points you should win. $1.36 head to head or a line of a flat 6. I would be so suprised if the Saints started the year 0/2
  • The Seahawks. $1.38 vs Shirty’s Chargers. The Cardinals (who do have a great defensive unit) blitzed the Chargers all day; they sent 5, 6, sometimes 7 dudes charging towards rivers and then the DB’s all went man on. I see no reason why Pete Carroll wont do the same again and Seattle have a better secondary, so I am rolling with the theory if the Cards can get it done, so can Seattle- $1.38 fill em up
  • The other good price is Arizona. $1.68 vs the NY Giants. I thought Eli and the G- Men would be bad and Detroit didn’t even play all that well and still smoked the Giants, the only warning is underdog theory and the fact Big Blue are at home, is this was in the dessert in Arizona they would be $1.22- but I think its another good leg for the multiple’s.

I think there are couple of danger games and these are legs which destroy multi’s- Hello Jay Cutler and the Bears week 1 but the one which stands out for me is The Pats @ $1.65 head to head vs the Vikings. I think I underestimated the Vikings, although Tom Brady doesn’t start the year 0 from 2 does he? Surely not, but the Pats are 2 from 8 on their last 8 road games. This game will be close, avoid it.

So the $100 this week we are looking at a couple of multi’s

$60 on Packers->Saints to return $105

$40 on Seahawks-> Cardinals->Jags +13.5 to return $196

My best outsider

I went 2/2 on the outsiders last week and this week I only have 1 decent outsider-the Jaguars at $3.21 vs the Skins this week. The Jags were actually up 17-0 vs the Eagles, where as the Skins could only manage 6 points against the Texans. RG3 doesn’t look anything like the guy he was in 2012, the Jags aren’t actually that bad, for pussies you take the 6 points start, Shirt is this one of your underdogs that collects this week? Let me know champion..


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