Dog Day Afternoon


Here’s some week 2 stats for your punting pleasure. As always, lines are from the final vegas lines as published at

The Dogs didn’t do quite so well this week, but the trend is still in their favour.  And Vegas is yet to find its mojo with the lines – only the Packers/Jets game was close to correct.  Unders also slightly ahead, with the boffins doing a better job at getting the over/under line right.


And before I go, a quick word on the whole Adrian Peterson debacle.  Ray Rice is a dog – he punched his then fiancee in the face and showed little regard for her welfare after the fact.  Adrian Peterson is right up there with him as far as I am concerned.  Amy Davidson over at the New Yorker says most of what I want to say in a much more eloquent and considered way than I could say it (and with less swear words).  Her article is here  if you want to check it out.

One thing I did want to mention though – there was a bit of a twitter storm after the incident went public with a large number of people expressing a sentiment along the lines of “I was whooped as a kid and it never did me no harm – he should be able to discipline his kids as he sees fit” or “Without discipline I wouldn’t be the person I am today”.  Now, here’s my problem with that line of reasoning – if you think that it is ok to physically assault your 4 year old child,  then those whoopings you received as a kid DID do you harm, whether you know it or not.  As for Peterson’s “Only God can Judge me” defence…oh boy, I better go  before I really go off the edge…

Stay tuned for our break down of last week (the less said the better) and next week’s picks (winners!) coming later in the week.




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