Wag the Dog


The Dogs started with a bang (a massive win to the Giants in Washington) but the favs were dominant on Sunday until a late surge from Detroit, Tampa, the Vikings and Dallas saw them charge back, before the Chiefs tore the Pats a new one on Monday night.  Dogs ended up slightly under 50% for the week.  Notably, of the 4 home dogs this week, only the Bears failed to get the chocolates;


A few observations on the spreadsheet through 4 weeks;

–  This is the first time the Underdogs have been under  50%, but they still have a slight edge through 4 weeks (55.3%)

– Home teams at the line were dominant this week, with a 66.7% win percentage (I excluded the London game)

– If you were an overs better, you’d be pretty happy this week with a massive 10 of 13 going over.  Makes you wonder whether we will see a significant shift upwards in the over/under line next week – watch this space.

– Finally, some great wins on the punt for the Pelicans, and plenty to talk about later in the week – stay tuned.



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