NFL Week 5- Gargy’s Best Bets

Greetings all, I tried putting some things together last week and personally collected, just never shared, so here goes for week 5 and we are betting double this week as we have $100 from last week. I hope you are all buying the year the dawg theory from my good friend shirty, because whilst their winning percentages aren’t as good as week 1, there is still lots of value with the dog, he also hit the jackpot with the packers (-) into overs for a juicy collect on TNF.

This week the following team win as favourites- The Seahawks vs the ordinary Redskins and The Bengals who are undefeated vs the Pats reason being- The Redskins stink, they really do and Seattle are simply too good. The $1.30 for H2H is skinny for a road team but this leg should feature in all multi’s and I am not hopping on the bandwagon to put the boot into Brady, I just think the Bengals will be too good. They have a great pass rush, the Pats O-line sucks. The Bengals have a solid O-line which will provide protection, the Pats pass rush isn’t the worst, but its not the best. Brady is a great passer, but he his receivers aren’t great and Gronk isn’t the player he was, need me to keep going? OK and the following team is the best outsider of the week- The Browns…yeah I know the friggin Browns at $2.30 are great value, they have actually been unlucky in their 2 losses, but have covered twice as Dogs.

So this week- $200 on Cinci (1.81) into Browns +4.5 (1.80) into Seahawks (1.30) for a wopping $847

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