Snoop Doggy Daaaawwwg

The Dogs are struggling people.  They looked on track to at least even up the ledger in week 6, until the Eagles and 9ers put the nail in their coffin.


A more respectable performance than last week (helped along by the Patriots/Bills being a pick game.  Can you see that happening again this year for the Pats against a team of the Bills quality??) but still below 50%.  Lovers of the home team (our friend The Maggot being a massive proponent) were even more hammered this week, with the away teams dominating at the line and the head to head – a stat that could have been even uglier had the Panthers managed to seal the win over the stuttering Bengals.  Big scores were also the order of the day, as we saw 10 of 16 matches go Over.

The Thursday Night game once again looked to be a one sided affair, until the Texans fought back to almost tip the Colts. Still big scores though, which could be seen to support the suggestion that the Thurs back up is particularly tough on the defence. Speaking of Tipping, there is a big score coming in the Pats v Jets game on Thursday night, and it ain’t coming from the Jets… Get on the Patriots minus whatever (I think the line is currently 9.5.  It should probably be 15).

The rest of our tips for the week will hit the boards shortly – stay tuned.



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