Shirty’s Weekly Winners – TNF Week 7

I have a dilemma, punting friends.  I expect this week’s Thursday night football game to be a replica of recent form, and be a blow out.  The resurgent Patriots host the Jets and Tom Brady has just put two great games together – I see no reason he won’t add a third.  Some say he’s back, other’s say he never left – either way, I am not going to bet against him.  Thursday nights have tended towards blow outs all year, with the better team comprehensively beating their opponents, the exception being last weeks Texans v Colts game, which was less a blow out and more a TD fest.   But the Jets are no Texans.

I have no doubt that the Patriots can and will score points.  My dilemma is, where are the Jets points coming from?  Smith is back in at QB and while he threw a couple of TD passes last week against he Broncos, they were never realistically in that game.  Their offensive totals this season have been 19, 24, 19, 17, 0, 17 for an average of 16.  Last week they managed 17 points despite only managing to run the ball for 31 yards on 15 carries (!!)  This from a team that, even after that dismal performance, is averaging 120 yards on the ground per game.  Complicating matters is that former Jet superstar corner, Darrelle Revis will be lining up for the Patriots, and while he has had a quiet start to the year, he was back to his very best last week against the Bills.

Thankfully, Centrebet has helped us out a little bit with the over/under line by simply adding the Pats average points for the year (27) to the Jets average points for the year (16), to come up with a line of 43.5.  As Gargy would say LAZY BOOKIES.   The Pats average points is down after they took a little while to ease into the season – since they have got their mojo back they have put 43 points on the Bengals and 37 on the Bills.  Oh, and the Jets lost their best corner to an achilles injury when rushing a field goal.  The points are coming people.  The 10 points that the Pats are giving away is a little on the high side, but I have faith that they will pummel a struggling Jets team and may reach the 44 points without any help from the men in green.

$100 on Patriots -10/Total Score over 43.5 @ 3.90 to return $390



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