Lassie Come Home


The Dogs edged the favs this week 8-7, after looking like they were going to run away with the weekend going into the Cowboys v Giants game.  The Unders enjoyed a similar numerical advantage, while the over/under lines were generally pretty terrible (there were only 2 games that the line was correct to within a field goal).

The big winners this week were the Home teams, particularly at the Head to Head, with a ridiculous 13 of 15 games going the way of the home side.  Home teams at the line were also somewhat lucrative, going 9-6 for a 60% win rate.

Stay tuned next week for a break down of the season at the nominal half way mark so we can track back and see how the dogs are doing overall.  Expect a chart.  Or two.




Bets will either be very early or very late this week as Gargy and I head off on our annual end of season Punters club trip, where I will be doing plenty of gambling, but will be incapable of keyboard based communication.



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