Gargy’s Week 8 NFL Best Bets

Howdy punters I just spent 48 with none other than Shirty and what an experience! The most obnoxious drunk you have ever met, but lots of fun to get on the drink with, plus we found plenty of winners, so its time to turn our attention to week 8 in the NFL

I feel there are a few locks this week and the first one is the early game being played in London where the Lions will smash up the Falcons. The Lions are $1.50 had to head and that is a gift. The Lions have really good defence this year, (actually ranked #1) I think Megatron wont play so Stafford has one less weapon to chuck to, but still has a great receivers available. The Falcons are a mess, their O line is horrible and I think Matt Ryan will have a very uncomfortable night. Back the Lions- they win.

The Packers vs Saints is a great game and I cannot believe the Packers are outsiders, there is a heap of money for the Saints, the Packers opened up $2.05 and they out to $2.17, the Sainst are into $1.67 which is horrible. The Saints are lucky that the NFC South stinks, the saints are 2 and 4 but only 1 win behind the Panthers (who are very hot and cold). Therefore given how bad the NFC South is I am not saying this is do or die for the saints, if they slip to 2 and 5 its far from ideal but not season ending, because they can smash up the Falcons and Bucs and beat the Panthers and could make the play offs with a record of 7 and 9. The over/under is 55 points which is high, but if the saints can turn it on it could get there- personally leave the points out and simply take the Packers with a small start. +3.5 @$1.61

This week I will multi the above 2 bets for a juicy collect of $245.


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