Straw Dogs


I won’t lie to you punters, the Dogs are struggling.  They managed a dismal 4/13 this week, and of those, only the Browns were convincing winners.  The Underdogs were looking strong in the early games but as the day wore on, the Favs awoke from their slumber, and the minnows were torn asunder.  Interestingly this week, there was only 1 dog that won at home,  which, in a rather unfortunate and entirely unintended coincidence, was Michael Vick’s Jets.  And by all rights, the Jets should not have won.  Unfortunately, they have the bye this week, so we miss the chance to bet against them with the line adjusted for their apparent (but illusory) competence.


So what do we do this week in light of the Dogs poor performance over the last few weeks?  Do we abandon the underdogs to the RSPCA rescue center of punting oblivion? Do we ignore the mutts and instead opt for the sleek, but loveless and aloof feline-like favourites? Of course not – to quote Gargy, we Stick Baby!   Look at some of the dogs this week;

* Bills +6 (at Dolphins) > remember, for the Dolphins there is no such thing as a home field advantage.

* Falcons +1.5 (at Panthers) > Did you see the Panthers last week??

* Vikings +3 (at Bears) > Did you see the Bears last week??

* Raiders +10 (at San Diego) > Division game, and the Chargers still pretty banged up

* Detroit +2 (at Cardinals) > Carson gone, Lions with the best defence in the conference on track for their best season in a generation and finding ways to win in any situation

* Patriots +3 (at Colts) > Can’t you just see Brady taking Luck to school here?

So plenty of juicy dogs on offer.

And here’s something else that’s interesting – a breakdown of the first 10 rounds with teams ranked according to the number of wins at the line, with the last column being the number of times they have gone over the over/under line.  Makes the Vikings look close to bet of the year …


Come back soon for this week’s Pelican Punting Podcast, which should be up later tonight, when we will find out whether Gargy sustained any serious injuries when the wheels fell off the Steelers bandwagon, and I share my love of all things NBA.



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