Shirty’s TNF Get ON!

There’ll be a podcast up soon, and some weekly winners for your reading and punting pleasure, but in the meantime, a quick note to declare the Bills a GET ON in TNF starting shortly.  Bearing in mind that;

1. They have dominated Miami over the last few years, sacking Tannehill 13 times in the last 3 games

2.  They won convincingly in the first game against the Fins earlier in the year, 29-10

3. The Dolphins enjoy no real home field advantage (they tend to play better away from Miami)

4.  The Bills need to win this to stay in the hunt for a playoff spot after going 2-4 in the Division to date (OK, so the same rationale could apply to the Dolphins, but I am making a case for Buffalo here, so can it)

5. Two stingy defenses means a low scorer is on the cards (Bills have gone over the line twice all year, the Fins only 4 times).

The bet is therefore Bills +4.5 / Total Points under 42.5.  If you are a girly man, you can play with the lines but you won’t get the fantastic price of $3.08.  $100 on that will set us up for the weekend nicely.



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