MNF- Gargy’s best bet

Howdy punters


Not long until MNF kicks off and two last start losers face off; The Steelers are $1.32 head to head at Titans. The Steelers win straight up, so if you’re a girly man take the $1.32 and put whatever cash you have in your wallet (sports betting account) on them and then tonight buy your wife/boyfriend/girlfriend a nice Chinese dinner. I am listening to my own advice and sticking with the team that cost me last week, sticking solid! They were horrific last week, they will be much better against the Titans this week. It wont be easy as the Titans record is poor but I think they are better than their record suggests; their attack is hopeless- they are ranked 31st for yards per game and 30th for scoring points per game, but 20th and 19th in defence for the same categories.


We here at PP are tragic punters and never settle on $1.32 pops, so you can take the line of-6.5 @ $1.91 which is slightly more enticing but I believe this game screams of unders, as I am following shirty’s wonderful analysis; where the Titans have only gone overs twice all season.


So I am taking the Steelers-5.5/unders 47.5 @ $2.87. The other bet I do like is the Titans to go under 19 points for the match @$1.91 and you could always use this market as a bit of a saver/hedge..


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