Best in Show

The dogs keep marching on.  The round started with a strong dogs victory, when the Raiders managed their first win of the season, ruining my Thursday Night Football bet in the process.  They then consolidated over the weekend, going 9 and 15 at the line, with 4 outright victories, and it probably should have been worse for the favs with the Chargers and Broncos particularly lucky to get home.  Regular listeners would have noticed that the dogs covered in our two no touchy games (Dolphins v Broncos & Saints v Ravens) while my bet of the week, Pats -7 against the Lions, was one of the few favs that got home comfortably.  Let’s not speak about the Cardinals…


In terms of reliable teams at the line, our top couple of coverers in the Chiefs and Cardinals both had a dent to their reputations this week, but the Browns and Colts were both solid.  I suspect the Chiefs, currently 1 point underdogs at Denver, might take another hit this week, while the Cardinals are 2.5 point favs at Atlanta and look a decent chance to spring back.


Happy Punting!



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