Monday Night’s A Great Night for Football

Tuesday Lunch time for us Aussie’s is slightly less ideal, but I will give you the tip folks.  If you are a Foxtel subscriber and you have a smartphone, download Foxtel Go, connect yourself to the nearest Wifi hotspot, and you can live stream Thursday, Sunday and Monday Night Football AND NFL Redzone.  It’s a wonderful little distraction from the drudgery of the ordinary working day.

Interesting match up this week, with the Nothing to Play for Other than an Early Draft Pick to Get A Decent QB Jets up against the Miami Dolphins, who realistically must win this game to have a realistic chance of staying in the hunt for a wildcard spot in the playoffs.  This one is in New York, but the Jets have a notoriously fickle fan base and the Fins travel well, so I don’t expect that to be a problem.  My main issue here is really what to do with the over/under.  My gut says this is a game the Dolphins win on defence, and we’ll be in for a 24-13 sort of game, in which case the Fins -6.5/Under 41.5 @ $3.14 should be a no brainer.  But can’t you just see Tannehill clicking here and putting up a big score?  I’m torn so I have gone for an alternate double market on Sportsbet of -4.5, Under 49.5.  I suggest Pelican Punters get on board;

$100 on Dolphins -4.5, Total Score Under 49.5 to return $200.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks.  I need this.



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