Pelican Punting Podcast Episode 5 is Live

After an unscheduled break last week, we are back to deliver NFL goodness direct to your vestibulocochlear nerve.  This week’s show includes our pick for the HK International Race Day (Able Friend in the Mile) and our tips for the week (use the PYOL option and take a multi of Raiders +14.5, Texans +10.5, Packers to win for a juicy return of $3.13).  And with that info conveyed here, now you don’t technically need to listen…but do anyway, it’s great.

Pelican Punting Podcast – Episode 5

2 comments on “Pelican Punting Podcast Episode 5 is Live

  1. agreed on the lack of QBs… blame it on the college game moving towards the gimmicky spread offenses. they may work at times but like all other packages, it goes in and out of style as teams figure it out. the only real difference here (similar to the amoeba defense) is that it truly disguises the formation.

    so you have all of these mobile QBs that win at the college level, but no dropback, NFL prototype classic QBs. hence, the shortage. the NFL, at least since the last 25 years, is a league where if your QB is hurt, your season ends. steve youngs dont hang around behind joe montanas anymore. so if you have a running QB, that gets hit 12 times a game instead of 3 is a problem.

    griffin stinks. no one listened to me 3 and 4 years ago. he got hurt at baylor and missed a year. tried to run the same offense in washington and same result. now everyone’s surprised and dan snyder loses out on millions for a bad decision.

    winston is a poison and hurt his draft status (and then costing him millions) by being a thug. raw talent will only last him so long. his rap sheet isnt one or two instances of misconduct; its many. mariota- same issue as griffin, manziel, etc. teams need rodgers and manning and manning and brady.

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