Pelican Punting Podcast – Christmas Edition

Pelican Punting Podcast, Christmas Edition, wherein Gargy and I record a podcast after both consuming a tad too much Christmas cheer.  The result – thankfully not as diabolical as Gargy’s last plane trip.  Click the Podcast link below to get streaming;


Merry Christmas all – enjoy the NFL Smorgasboard over the Christmas period – we’ll be back soon to talk you through the playoffs, as we chase our lost fortune after a pretty average season of punting.


One comment on “Pelican Punting Podcast – Christmas Edition

  1. Haiku: Drinking
    punting, christmas time
    hitting the sauce while at work
    makes for poor punting

    Haiku: Carols
    christmas, songs, monarchs
    how many syllables is
    in King Wenceslas?

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