Pelican Punting Podcast – End of 2014 Edition

Sitting at home alone with nothing to do on New Year’s Eve?  Convinced yourself that NYE is “massively overrated” and you are better off “avoiding the hassle”?  Decided that if you’ve seen one firework you’ve seen them all (but perhaps still made an effort to go out and watch the local ones at 9pm, and will almost certainly turn on the coverage on TV at midnight)?

Well, what better way to farewell 2014 and with it, the NFL regular season, and welcome in the New Year and the Playoffs, than by listening to Gargy and Shirt talk for half an hour!  And while 2014 slips away, you can lie back and think about all of the things you failed to do last year but that you will definitely get on to in 2015, like getting your podcast up on iTunes…

Happy New Year folks!  Stay safe, and stay tuned for more Pelican Punting goodness as we navigate our way towards the Superbowl over the coming weeks.

Listen to the Podcast by clicking this link.


One comment on “Pelican Punting Podcast – End of 2014 Edition

  1. gargs steps up and gives his employees off work… well played. can shirt do the same? i wonder…

    and shirty… stuck in the country with no footie… how are you supposed to blog and podcast???

    note your QB discussion… on “mobile” QBs, really. kaep, griffin, emanuel, geno smith, bortles, manziel, bridgewater. arguably newton had a solid season behind an avg team. otherwise, across the board awwwwwful*.

    *wilson is the one exception. but stack that up against rodgers, brady, manning, big ben, flacco, luck, etc. even romo. and ill note that wilson threw nearly 30 times a game. not exactly unbalanced.

    and now perhaps TB taking mariota. let’s see where this goes… i would give winston credit, though, he may do well as more of an NFL prototype, if they could somehow de-thug him.

    beckham is good. very fast, not that tall, but he simply runs his routes. what a concept. hopefully when cruz returns they move him back to where he belongs- he’s a slot receiver, not a wideout.

    big gargy in bed on new years by 10… yeah, 10 am…

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