Pelican Punting Podcast – SuperBowl Special

Gargy is in hospital, but do you think that is going to stop us doing a podcast for the Superbowl?  Not on your life!  Featuring a special guest appearance from the Puppetmaster, live from the course at the Waste Management Phoenix Open as he gears up for a trip to University of Phoenix stadium tomorrow for the big game.

Stream the podcast by clicking here.

3 comments on “Pelican Punting Podcast – SuperBowl Special

  1. Gargamel feel better!!!

    Haiku: Sex Change
    what’s ebonics for
    a Gender Reassignment?
    Sue B. Anthony

    ill take new england. the lines are pretty flat right now and with all the cheating, you have to give them the edge. plus it fits into my anti-mobile QB concept.

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