Ball Bag #4 – The Pelican Punting Mailbag

Greetings dear readers, and welcome to the ballbag for another week.  A few items in the mailbox this week, so let’s get straight to it.

Tohu from Melbourne emailed us earlier today

“Hey bros, how’s it going.  Love the blog – just a quick one ’cause I know you are heaps busy hey.   I was booked to head to the UK in a couple of weeks for work, but some selfish prick has now decided he wants to go so I have to stay home.  I am filthy on my boss for saying I could go and then cancelling, so I figure I should head to the states and catch a game.  Any ideas?  Cheers cuz!”

Unlucky Tohu.  Don’t know your personal circumstances, but sounds to me like the bloke who took your spot on the trip was probably much better at your job than you are.  Chin up buddy – I personally reckon you should try and catch the Packers v Vikings match up in Week 8, where you can watch a serviceable QB in Christian Ponder up against Aaron Rogers, a Superbowl winning genius and a superior athlete in every respect.  Cheers!

Lance from Melbourne sent us a tweet “Oy dicks, ur from Sidnee rite?  Lookin for a decent pad with nuff room for my mad crew.  Money no object. Bungy!!!”

I’d like to say we have a no dickheads policy in Sydney, but I’d be lying.

And finally, Arthur from Toongabbie wrote in with a gripe typical of much of the correspondence received this week;

“WTF is it with Gargy not writing a Monday night preview??  Public Holiday weekend, and the founder of the site can’t be bothered throwing up a few words and a tip?  Poor form gents, poor form”

Touche Arthur, touche.