I’m Telling You, My Dogs Are Barking Today!



Big week for the dogs this week, making a somewhat predictable recovery after a rough couple of weeks – 9/14 dogs covered the spread while 6 of those managed to get the outright win (I thought the Cardinals and the Pats were both gifts, although admittedly I didn’t post that on here…sorry).  Perhaps not surprisingly it was also a week for the Unders betters with 10 of 14 games going under.  The Chiefs were once again the pinup team for covering the spread, and have now got an enviable 9-1 record when backed at the line.  Meanwhile, we saw the Pats start as underdogs for, I would hazard a guess, the very last time this season.



So what do we make of the dogs in week 12?  Do we stick or switch?  Gargy says stick – the dogs are back and they are barking!