Thursday Night Fever

SHIRT – What a farce Thursday Night Football is.  Oh sure, it’s hard on the players who have to back up after a limited rest and face a heightened risk of injury as a result and the coaches who have limited time to review film and plan their schemes, but…won’t somebody please think of the bloggers?!  I have enough going on in my life (e.g. my actual job) without having to analyse football on a Friday morning (timezones people, timezones).  I don’t get paid for this – hell, I’m not even sure anyone reads it.  And to add insult to injury, its finals footy here in Oz, and my turn to bet for my punters club.  There is so much going on in my brain (and my betting account) that I feel any comments I make on the game will be Ray Lewis like in their insightfulness and originality.

Rant done, to the game – it might be the fact I’m yet to have my morning coffee, but I think the Jets are a chance here to upset the Pats.  Amendola and Gronk are both out and I predict that Brady will have to seriously consider throwing to himself.  Sure, the Jets got lucky last week, but plenty of people have the Buccs flagged as a decent team this year.  Geno Smith should only improve (notwithstanding that the Dirty Sanchez is sooking that he won the competition for QB before getting injured) and will be keen to keep Dirty on the sideline for as long as possible.  The Jets are $5.55 for the win, which is juicy, but I’m not an idiot.  Looking deeper, the line is at +11.5 and the over/under is at 42.5, and I think it could be a low scorer with Brady having to throw and hope, so let’s have $10,000* on Jets+11.5/Total Game Score under 42.5 @ 3.60.

I’ll have some better bets for the weekend (shut up, I will), but let’s see if the Jets can prove last week wasn’t a complete fluke and line my pockets a bit in the process.

* I’m not actually having $10,000.  Are you insane??  I’m working on the theory that people respect you more if you bet big and assume you must know what you are on about.  I might be able to convince people I am more capable of this than I really am.  And yes, I acknowledge the footnote is probably not helpful