Conference Championship Games – Shirty’s Preview

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner!  Those of you paying attention would have noticed a fantastic return to form for your’s truly last week, when my podcast tip of Packers/Patriots/Colts +10.5 romped home…Ok, so only the Colts leg “romped” while the Packers “limped” and the Patriots “squeeked” home, but screw you, a wins a win and I am BACK baby!

Unfortunately, Gargy and I have not been able to get our respective houses in order to put on a podcast this week (it’s my fault to be frank – Gargy is chomping at the bit) but we will be back with a year in review show and a Superbowl preview in the days leading up to the big game.  We won’t be covering the pro-bowl, because, well, it’s not real football anyway (standard advice applies to the game – bet the overs).

But before we get to the Big Show, we have the conference round to get through, with a resurgent Seattle playing host to the Packers and the Patriots hosting the upstart Colts.  On paper, this looks like a Seattle v Patriots superbowl waiting to happen, and the bookies agree;

Head to Head:
Green Bay $3.75 v Seattle $1.29
Indy $3.22 v Patriots $1.37

Green Bay (+7.5) $1.94 v Seattle (-7.5) $1.90
Indy (+6.5) $1.95 v Patriots (-6.5) $1.89

GB/Seattle: 46 Points $1.92 each of two
Indy/Pats: Over 53.5 $1.90 / Under 53.5 $1.94

So here’s what I am thinking.  I think we can agree we have the 4 best teams playing off for the conference titles.  The only major upset of the playoffs, I would argue, was Indy knocking off Denver, but in hindsight, the way Manning was (not) playing, maybe that wasn’t such a big upset after all.  Now, I’ve been harping on about the Dogs all year, and I will be posting a column next week to review their overall performance over the course of the year, but why wouldn’t we latch on to the best Dogs of the year here? Yes they are away, and yes, particularly GB has it’s issues with Rogers carrying a niggle, but these teams have been good enough to get here, have QB’s that we know can get the job done, and are getting some serious points in the bargain.

So punters, get on the Dogs, and ride them all the way to the Big Show:

$100 Green Bay +7.5 @ $1.94 – $194
$100 Colts +6.5 @ $1.95 – $195
$50 Colts +6.5 into Green Bay +7.5 @ $3.78 – $189
$20 Colts (win) into Green Bay (win) @ $12.08 – $241.60

Come on you dogs, carry us home!

Now, haters gonna say that the only thing more ridiculous than these bets is this video clip;

But you know what, haters gonna hate.  Tell ’em Taylor;

Happy Punting!


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