Pelican Punting Podcast – 2015 – Episode 1

That’s right folks, the Pelican Punting Podcast is back for another year!  And can I just say #HaynePlane #HaynePlane #HaynePlane.  That should get us up the charts with all the Johnny Come Latel….the new converts to the greatest sporting spectacle on Earth, the National Football League.

If you are a new listener, welcome aboard – Gargy and I hope to be able to guide you on your NFL journey, and in particular to help you navigate the pitfalls of NFL punting.  If you are a returning listener, then…wow.  Seriously.  Get a life.

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Pelican Punting Podcast – Episode 8

This week we take a look back at the wildcard round and Shirty’s punting (both pretty average),  preview the divisional match ups, and have a chat to our very special guest, Foxsport’s Adam Peacock, who joins us to talk Asian Cup, which according to all reports, kicks off tonight, with Australia taking on the might of Kuwait.

Stream the podcast to your ear holes by clicking here

Pelican Punting Podcast Episode 4 is Live!

A tick over 2 hours to record and upload a 30 minute podcast.  How’s that for an efficiency dividend – take note ABC!

Tune in for a recap of last week and our (mostly) successful bets, a look ahead at a fantastic round over Thanksgiving weekend and a disturbing discussion about Gargy’s predeliction for photographing himself with sticks…

So get comfy, put the earphones in and click on the link below;

PPP Episode 4