2015 NFL Mock Draft

It is time of the year where I do my annual NFL Mock draft, therefore here it is- Gargy’s 2015 NFl Mock Draft with some notes and my expert analysis.

1. Tampa Bay Bucs- Jameis Winston. The Bucs have so many holes however everyone knows you need a great Qb to win the superbowl. He goes first, if you can find a market to bet on it- Get on!

2. TRADE… San Diego Chargers. Marcus Mariota. The Titans have the Chargers, Browns, Eagles, probably Bears and even Rams calling them trying to do a trade and so they can pick and choose what suits them best and I think taking Rivers plus a couple of picks makes them an instant contender in the AFC, as the AFC South isn’t that great. The Chargers on the other hand must be petrified that Rivers could play out the season and walk away leaving them with a massive hole-I feel they pull the trigger now, chuck in a few late trades and its on!!!

3. Jacksonville Jaguars. Leonard Williams. Some suggest he could go #1, he is a big human and good pass rushers are hard to find, this guy is great.

4. Kevin White or Amari Cooper. Oakland Raiders. I know what a p*ssy not making a call!! But I honestly don’t know which way they jump. I think the jury is still out on Carr, but he needs some targets, If you get him a good rookie WR in the draft, coupled with Crabtree who they got as a free agent- he will have targets and they will therefore know if they have their QB or not. Both receivers are good, if pushed I think they go with Cooper, Although I think longer term White has more upside.

5. TRADE…. New Orleans Saints. Dante Fowler. The Saints have two first round picks and could almost start anywhere, but they need help with pass rush and therefore go up and get a guy they really like and chuck in a few mid rounders to the Redskins to sweaten the deal. The Redskins love the additional pick(s) as they are still paying the price for going up and getting RG3 a few years back. Saints overhaul tarts this year and they start with defence.

6. NY Jets. Shane Rey. New Head coach Todd Bowles will go defense in the front 7.

7. Chicago Bears. Whoever doesn’t go with White or Cooper. So more than likely Kevin White. They are short at WR after they traded Marshall to the NY Jets.

8. Atlanta Falcons. Bud Dupree. They need a pass rusher badly, well they need a few positions actually, but this will be the start.

9. NY Giants. Brandon Scherff. After hitting the jackpot with OBJ last year, this year they need someone to keep Manning safe, hence going with the O Line.

10. St Louis Rams. Ereck Flowers. I think they need help with the O Line. And so for the second year in a row go an OL in the 1st round.

11. Minasota Vikings. We have another TRADE.. Todd Gurley gets selected as the first RB taken in the 2015 draft. He is drafted because AP has been sent to Arizona for this year and next years 1st rounders. To be honest its best for everyone, AP gets a fresh start, Arizona get a RB which they really badly need and the Vikings get a stud RB plus an extra pick.

12. Cleveland Browns. DBG. The Browns struck out last year with Jonny football * that other CB (name eludes me) and I reckon they push their luck with DBG. If he stays out of trouble could be a stud, however he has a chequered past and it is a Browns thing to do to take such a risk.

13. Redskins Trae Waynes. The Redskins secondary was bad last year, Waynes is the #1 rates CB and he helps them.

14. Dolphins. Devante Parker. This was a tough one, as with addition of Suh they will be a lot stronger, but they could add a good WR.

15. San Francisco 49 ers. Kevin Johnson. The 49 ers lost two starting CB’s and will take the next best CB on the board

16. Houston Texans. Nelson Agholor. After seeing Johnson walk away from the Texans after 12 years they need a WR to fill that spot.

17. Tennesse Titans. Andrus Peat. The Titans have a stack of holes, but now with a new QB (Phil Rivers), the first thing they need to do is protect him and therefore the first pick is the best available OL player.

18. KC Chiefs. Vic Beasley. The have Justin Houstan on the Franchise Tag but keeping him long term will cost a boat load of money and cost players, Beasley will fill in really nicely and the Chiefs will feel it is a steal to see Beasley available at 18.

19. Lael Collins. Browns Again. Seriously who knows with the Browns. A solid DT or Lineman would help solidify the line and Collins is well rated

20. Philadelphia Eagles. TJ Clemmings, Pitt. The Eagles have a few holes in the secondardy, Outside LB and WR but given they have acquired Murray and Mathews- Philly will want to run the ball, and in order to run the ball you must have a good O Line.

21. Cincinati Bengals, Landon Collins. The Bengals have drafted a fair few players from Alabama in recent years, Collins is another

22. Pittsburg Steelers, Byron Jones U Conn. Ike Taylor and Troy Polomalo are gone and therefore they need a CB, this guys stats are off the charts, his vertical jump saw him jump close to 15 feet.

23. Detroit Lions, Danny Shelton, Huge body- check out how chunky his legs are,!! But seriously they need beef up front after losing fairly and Suh, even thought they picked up Ngata

24. Minasota Vikings, After trading away AP they get another pick and they go O Line with Jake Fischer from Oregon

25. Carolina Panthers, Erik Armstrong- don’t know anything about him but he is high on most boards

26. Baltimore Ravens, Benji Marshall, I am just checking to see is people are still reading

27. Dallas Cowboys, Marcus Peters CB. They picked up wife basher Greg Hardy, and they have Josh Brent on the roster and he killed a team mate due to drinking driving, so the fact Peters choked his coach is no worries at all. Jerry Jones is all about winning- character concerns are not his concern.

28. Denver Broncos Max Williams, They lost their #1 TE in free agency and this is surely Mannings last chance isn’t it? So they give him another due to chuck it to.

29. Indy Colts. Phillip Dorsett, Another WR and this dude is fast, really fast. Will help provide better balance with the receiving corps

30. Green Bay Packers. Malcolm Brown, the packers are so good in attack, they need to improve their defence and a big DT will help

31. New Orleans (from Seattle thanks to Jimmy Graham trade) DJ Humpries, They need to rebuild the O line.

32. Trade. I don’t know who comes up, but New England always trade out of the 1st round and pick up a few extra picks.

So there it is, let me know what you think.


2 comments on “2015 NFL Mock Draft

  1. Haiku: Mobile QBs
    mobile quarterbacks
    Chairman dislikes; Jameis should
    be renamed Lose-ston

    Haiku: Levitation
    Bryon Jones, UConn
    can vertical jump 15?
    that is called flying

    Haiku: Thoroughness
    Marshall, the Ravens
    Chairman is always reading
    in full; right Shirty?

    Haiku: Dallas
    killers, drunks, violence
    the cowboys roster is full
    of proper cowboys

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